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High Water Sound
2 channel with attitude
274 Water Street STE 2F NY, NY 10038
[email protected]

North American Distribution:
Alieno, Acustica Applicata, Cessaro Horn Acoustics, Codia Acoustic Design, Dalby Audio Design, Horning Hybrid Systems,
New Audio Frontiers, S.A.Laboratory, Tron-Electric, TW-Acustic, Zeiler Audio

Acora Acoustics, Audience, Audio Technica, Charisma Audio, Combak-Harmonix, Degritter, Dynavector, Furman Power,
Furutech, Fuuga, Graham Engineering, Koetsu, Kuzma, Massif Audio Design, Miyajima Labs, Ortofon, Puritan Audio Labs, Schick,
Silent Running Audio, Shun Mook, Stein Music, Thai Scandinavian Engineering (Bird of Prey and Bird tonearms), Tzar DST cartridges